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I saw Glynis perform classic Cabaret number, Mein Herr. She was the only act to sing without a mic and yet her voice was strong enough to resound throughout the whole venue. Not only was the singing to be merited but the number requires a certain ‘attitude’ and outward sexuality to be delivered as intended and Glynis Wozniak’s natural acting abilitly allowed her to portray just this…so real was her performance that the poor man at one of the tables almost got stung by the riding crop prop. This performance was a true tour de force in fishnets ~ Iain Mckellar audience member

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GLYNIS WOZNIAK ~ an intensely passionate, strong dramatic actor, dancer, writer, choreographer, singer, director, workshop facilitator and self esteem coach who wholly believes in the power of performance to enhance humanity.

Glynis Wozniak is exclusively represented by Liz Bisset Management Tel: 0844 800 6662 E-mail: info@lizbissetmanagement.co.uk and is self represented for theatre and dance.

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As a professional dancer, Glynis Wozniak was attending a drama improvisation workshop in her role as dancer and choreographer for the Forres Alternative Festival in 2003 when director Symon Macintyre of The Puppet Lab and the amazing playwright John Harvey announced that she ‘must be’ in one of the plays.

Time for Tea was Glynis’ acting debut and the 20 minute play saw her transform from a gentle cafe manager to a dominatrix style cult leader dressed in leather bustier and pants as envisaged by costume designer Iain Halket.

She loved the experience and after going on to be cast as Jack in a local production of Jack and the Beanstalk began to ponder over acting as a career. Sitting wide eyed and agape in the cinema after watching Mystic River settled it. She found herself asking, ‘Could I do that?’ and set about researching courses in which she could learn more about the art of stagecraft.

Alan Watters guided her to graduate with 6 Merits in HND Acting and Performance at Inverness College before going on to complete a BA (Hons) Performance at the University of the West of Scotland in 2009.


Whilst continuing to dance as much as possible, Glynis has found a love for intensely emotional dramas that challenge the status quo to encourage independent thinking through roles such as Tina (Umbra,) that portrays a dysfunctional marriage and results in a consensual incestuous relationship with her 20 year old son.

Approaching each character and production with intelligence, deep thought and thorough research, Glynis becomes closely linked with each of her characters and is a natural method actor with great sensitivity that enables her to wholly blend with the role; express emotions easily; empathise and therefore truly feel each character.

To balance the intensity of her preferred emotive roles, Glynis recently discovered she had precise comic timing and performed an excerpt from farming short storywriter Henry Brewis at the Spayr Parts Festival in Ayr to uproar.

Glynis caused a storm when performing at Monthly Monologues ~ An Intimate Evening of Theatre with Boyangel Productions at Bar Libertine, Ayr and went on to produce, direct and perform in a full length production of The Vagina Monologues for V-Day 2010.

Whilst theatre is her first love, Glynis has come to appreciate the team work of cast and crew and skills such as editing involved in the art of film. She is all too aware that film is one of the finest media through which to convey messages and would particularly ~ but not exclusively ~ love to be directed by Clint Eastwood whom she credits for inspiring her into the profession; Sean Penn; Shane Meadows; Mike Leigh and John Woo.


Glynis is currently working on her one-woman Hong Kong Reflections show to be toured in rural areas throughout 2013, but if you can’t wait until then, she can also be seen as Romeo and Juliet by Shoogalie Road Productions as Lady Capulet, 30th October, Airdrie, Asda Fashion Show, Livingston 27th October and Asda Fashion Show, Perth 2nd November as Ursula the Sea Witch for Shoogalie Road Productions’ Scottish tour of The Little Mermaid in 2013.